Understanding the Divine

As we rise to respond to the call of God over our lives, as we rise to go where He called us to go and do what He has told us to do, through it all we will face challenges and opposition but we need to remember that we have a Divine call and God is in control. Make no mistake even in the sweet spot of God’s will we can still encounter resistance. Here are few things we must never forget :

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Chinese Street Preacher Released from His Sixth Detention

A street preacher from Hengyang City, Hunan province, was released after being detained six times since the beginning of this year. Chen Wensheng, who has been persistent in preaching the Gospel on the streets despite ongoing surveillance and repeated arrests from the local authorities, was detained from September 26 to October 11 for his street evangelism.

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Five Business Principles from the Bible

The Bible is full of advice on how to handle money. Every business owner can (and should) build their business on these essential principles straight from the Word of God. As you read through these Bible verses and associated principles, ask yourself where you see room for improvement in your own business dealings.

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Fear Not, I Am with You

Fear is build on the pretext that something unpleasant is going to happen to you. However, its also important to realize that God through His word is always giving us his assurance and promises that He is with us. On numerous occasions we see Jesus or the Father declaring this statement, “I am with you”.

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Church Persecution Hitting Boiling Point in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, persecution is hitting a boiling point and we will likely see targeted killings against Christians becoming more frequent. Yet, if we look at Church history, we know this is nothing new as violent regimes have come and gone, but the Church remains.

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Developing a Habit of Devotion

A Christian is one who has a personal relationship with God. It’s not about how much doctrine you know or how well you obey God’s law. It’s all about how well you know and love the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the essence of developing a devotional habit, it’s all about a personal relationship with the living God.

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Church Leaders Zim to Deliberate As Government Cites Vaccination As Condition to Re-Open

The Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) is in deliberations with its leaders and members following a announcement by the Government of Zimbabwe which cited vaccination as a condition for reopening of in person church services.

Posting its social media platforms, Government said “Cabinet wishes to inform the public that churches can allow sit-in congregants under the following conditions: Only congregants who have received two doses of the vaccine are allowed to attend.”

In response the EFZ which is a body that represents thousands of evangelical churches and assemblies put out statement signed by its President, Bishop Muparutsa. “We have noted the just released Government pronouncements on the double vaccination condition for Religious Gatherings. We are currently urgently deliberating as leaders on this statement after which a comprehensive response shall be given which will take into consideration, among other things.”

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